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Louise Burnet - Tutor

"Louise brings the perfect balance of careful preparation, inspiring musicianship and sheer exuberant fun"


Louise Burnet was a major prize winner at the Royal College of Music. She worked as a freelance flute player with the major orchestras for many years in London, throughout the UK and abroad. She has always been active in the field of chamber music, having performed in this capacity for BBC TV and BBC Radio 3 and in 2016 toured the USA with her trio Vocali3e. 

Louise founded her first 'du Soleil' course (for flutes)  in 2011 and ran the course for seven years. Having now handed this on it seemed a natural evolution to start up Ukes du Soleil.

Louise started playing the ukulele in October 2015 and rapidly realised that this was an excellent way forward. She started teaching the ukulele in her home hamlet of Shandon, on the West Coast of Scotland, and it was not long before the Shandon Ukulele Band was formed. Since the pandemic the ukulele group has moved to Rhu, hence 'Rhukulele' has now evolved. Louise enjoys the challenge of arranging a diverse variety music for the ukulele. She has also always been a firm believer that everyone can sing. Add the ukulele and what could be better than singing and playing in the Alpine pastures in Summer or the mountain restaurants in Winter! 

   Ukes du Soleil 2017

                 Repertoire for the week

Repertoire for the week will include some well-known favourites from  60s, 70s, 80s and way beyond in addition to some exciting new arrangements by Louise. Music will be emailed to you in advance of the course once your booking has been accepted. You will of course be welcome to bring along any of your own favourite music to share.

Shandon Ukulele Band 032.JPG

     home with the Shandon Ukulele Band

iphone soleil 2017 041.JPG

Ukes du Soleil (2018)

iphone soleil 2017 034.JPG

Louise Burnet

Soleil 2017 116.JPG

Ukes du Soleil (2017)

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